This feature-length film, currently in preproduction, is scheduled for a June 2017 shoot.


Synopsis: “Brother Against Brother”
Copyright Lisa Sharpe 2016

David, a young and talented MMA fighter, is in trouble. His past misdeeds, including a casual drug habit and an ongoing affair, have been exposed. His new wife Sofia descends into heartbreak and anger, while his brother and trainer Armando commands him to stop his recklessness. Confrontations prove useless, and pleas inadequate. Raging at his brother and wife, David leaves his home wracked with blame, anger, and deep down, ­shame.

Convinced he is lost to them, Ysabel, David’s mother, has a spiritual experience she cannot explain. Ysabel begins an intense prayer war for David which awakens her faith in a new and powerful way. Sofia and Armando, first doubting Ysabel’s new fervor, ultimately begin to seek God, as they too wrestle with the events that have torn David from them.

David’s boss discovers him in a disreputable state at work, and he is fired on the spot. Destitute and depressed, David wanders the streets that night, fighting the air, angry at life and himself. Alone at a bus stop, David encounters Jason, a disabled man. Jason asks a few pointed questions, and discovers that David has no place to stay the night. Jason offers him shelter at a local church. With no other options, David agrees. The pair get on the bus, and David is surprised to hear the bus driver refer to Jason as “Pastor.”

David attempts to take shelter at the church for “just one night,” but Pastor Jason puts him to work serving food, and David guardedly opens up to him, while skeptical of his faith in Christ. That night leads to a second, and a third. Jason tells David he needs help running the small church shelter, but deep down, David knows he is the one who needs Jason’s help. Trust is built until finally, David reaches his breaking point, realizing he has lost everything of value in life, and fallen into a life without hope and without a future.

As Jason and the other shelter residents help lift his broken spirit, David begins to realize that he might be able to find faith again, and rebuild his self-respect — even, perhaps, his MMA career.. Swallowing his pride, David returns to his family. Ysabel is overjoyed, Sofia skeptical, but Armando proves the key force behind David’s return to the ring. He grudgingly agrees to give David another chance. David asks Armando to train him again, and the brothers work together, renewing their bond. In an act of raw courage, David signs up for his first professional cage fight. In the final scenes, this event proves to be the fight for his life, the fight of his life,­­ and hinges on the love of his life.